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🧐 Are you searching for the BEST & RIGHT WAY to publish and launch your book to SMASH YOUR GOALS & ACHIEVE YOUR AUTHOR REALITY?

Do you want to publish and launch your book so you can grow your platform, increase your income, AND get your message, product or service to more people?

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It gives you an amazing opportunity to put your ideas in more hands and your name in more minds.

Is this you?

  • You have a burning desire to write your book but you don't know where to start or even if your idea is any good.
  • You want to publish your book but you are confused which is the best way to go about it. 
  • You want your book to be a success but don't know how to market it to attract your readers. 
  • You want to turn your book into a money generator but you hate the thought of selling.
  • You want more revenue streams but you get exhausted thinking you have to create new content all the time.

Hi, I'm Eloise. It's great to see you!

I take the stress and overwhelm out of your book publishing journey no matter what stage you are at. I take the mystery out of what it takes to publish and market your book and build a profitable and sustainable online business and give you the exact steps that will propel you forward at lightning speed to achieve your dream vision. I give you the support, accountability and guidance so you avoid all the pitfalls, frustration and overwhelm and you PUBLISH YOUR BOOK WITH IMPACT!

I have worked in the Publishing Industry for 30 years and produced and sold thousands of books across the globe. With my lifetime of passion, experience and knowledge I want to inspire and help Writers and Author-preneurs to produce, publish, launch and SELL their stories, wisdom and message to the world to educate, help and entertain their readers and to build a business from their book.

I'm here to help and inspire you all to take that leap and PUBLISH  & LAUNCH YOUR BOOK!

The authors I have worked with have not only reached  Amazon No1 Bestselling status but they have also:

  • Appeared in Main stream TV, Radio and Press
  • Sold their books globally
  • Achieved lots of 5* Reviews
  • Held International Book Signings and Events
  • Built a money generating business from their book, teaching, coaching and inspiring


imagine this...

  • Holding a copy of your book in your hands for the first time.
  • Reading all the amazing reviews of how your book has been enjoyed.
  • Seeing your book climbing the charts as it hits No1 Bestseller.
  • Walking into a bookstore and seeing your book on the shelf and in the window.
  • It's the holidays and someone opens a gift and it's your book. 
  • You're speaking from the stage and tons of people in the audience are holding your book.
  • Receiving personal heartfelt messages from your readers about your book.
  • Having the life you desire from creating just one asset, YOUR BOOK!

It's time to get that book out of your head and into the hands of its readers.

Want some help?

I provide you with the Plan,Tools, Expertise, Services and Support to Make your Author Dream a Reality!

Book Production

Want to know if your book is viable? Need an editor? Want some help to turn your manuscript into a published book? We cover everything from book reviews to editing, formatting and design.

Book Publishing

Don't know which way to publish your book? Not sure if you should use Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher or Ingrams Sparks. Or maybe your want an agent. I help you publish in the right way for you and your book. 

Book Marketing

Your book will require launching and ongoing marketing to ensure it is visible and searchable so people buy it. The Book Butterfly Formula guarantees your book gets in front of its readers and helps you build a well oiled marketing machine.

Book Sales

Your book should be making you money as well as growing your reach. My book sales system has everything you need to ensure your book generates you money month after month, year after year!


Eloise turns ideas & dreams into a reality. Publishing is her superpower!!"

Publishing is her area, and her business but she makes your work and your reputation her business too, she invests in you. She turns ideas & dreams into a reality! With Eloise - stuff happens and above all she cuts through the crap and is someone you know has your best interests at heart. Eloise who knows the ropes and how publishing works is a godsend. I am loving the adventure of it all and seizing the opportunities!

Danielle Corrigan childrens author: no 1 bestseller The hug that had to hibernate

"After Eloise, I am a #1 bestselling author. She is my secret weapon!"

Before connecting with Eloise, I was an aspiring new author. My manuscript had been edited, but I didn’t know how to bring my book into the world so it wouldn’t get lost at sea with the countless thousands of new books released everyday. Eloise guided me through every step, answered my million-and-one rookie questions and it is thanks to her publishing expertise and fierce commitment to the success of my book, that I have reached this milestone. You’d be hard pressed to find a better support to shine a light on how to achieve publishing success than Eloise. Five stars! 

tara sage Non-fiction author: no1 bestseller - The brules of life

"Eloise has all you need to get your book & Program where it needs to be!"

Getting the support from Eloise has been a true learning curve, great experience with brilliant outcomes! It has been an awesome journey of discovery. Eloise has all you need to get your book where it needs to be. With gentle, clear, focused direction that is easy to follow and apply. Eloise is there to support, answer my many questions with tireless input filled and packaged with knowledge, experience, skill and precision timing! keeping you on track and in full flow towards your goal. With strategy tools and guidance Eloise has assisted me to get my book "Master your Inner Confidence" published and launched and to develop my signature course around my book.  I'm pleased, and so grateful for a professional service with a smile!! Thank you for being my publisher, I will be recommending you for sure!!

MUMBA KAUFLA non-fiction author: Master your inner confidence

Working with Eloise is easy. Her constant support and motivation are invaluable. 

Without Eloise Attenborough and BBP there would be no Suitcase Diaries. Many years ago she gave me the confidence and the motivation to just get on and write the story that I had been threatening to write for years. She was one of a very few that thought I could actually do it. Working with Eloise is easy. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her constant support and motivation are invaluable. She was passionate about The Suitcase from day 1 and has convinced me to push myself further and attempt to complete a trilogy.BBP know what works from finding the right editor for your precious manuscript to the publishing and marketing process. I look forward to working with Eloise and BBP for many years to come. Thank you for all that you have done so far, I am forever grateful 

Jo Price historical fiction author: No1 bestseller - The Suitcase diaries

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