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Book Bubble Press is a boutique publishing house specialising in Children's, YA & Non-fiction books.

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  • Editing Services
  • Formatting Services
  • Cover Design Services
  • Illustration Service



  • Publishing Services
  • Project Management
  • One to One Mentoring
  • ISBN Registration



  • Book Launches
  • Retail Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Publicity & Media

What Our Authors Say


Eloise carries a heart of gold and is a pure genius in her craft and beyond!

L. Sainz

High Performance Coach

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Working with Eloise is like finding your pot of gold in life. She's one of the most intelligent, talented, and caring people I've met while in business. She carries a heart of gold and is a pure genius in her craft and beyond. Eloise is multi-talented so when it comes to one area in your business she holds the most current and extensive knowledge, tools and skillsets to ensure your entire project is a complete success, beyond your expectations. Eloise understands and knows how to execute multimedia; the business, publishing, marketing, technology, websites, funnels, design, graphics, videos, etc. She's an excellent motivator, coach, and leader while reminding you of your own genuis enabling you to shine as bright as the diamond you have always meant to be in this life. I've worked with so many online professionals BUT Eloise has been the only one that actually fully and truly understands and cares about my purpose while deeply believing in me to share it with the world beyond my own grand vision. Eloise has vision like a philanthropist and world-class leader. You'll never receive anything less than that working with her. She's got your back and she's rooting for you beyond your wildest dreams. And when she tells you to do something, just do it!! You won't ever regret working with this genius of a woman as she supports you and getting your creativity out in the world.


Eloise turns ideas & dreams into a reality. Publishing is her superpower!

P. Morrison

Author & Finance Troubleshooter

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Eloise is a knowledgeable publisher who gets the overwhelm and the crisis moments that occur when trying to create meaningful written output be it ; a story, a poem, a book. The desire to write may be there within us but the confidence can wane and to find a professional like Eloise who knows the ropes and how publishing works is a godsend. She is firm and pushes you - of course she does - that’s why we need someone like Eloise as she believes in us as much as we want to believe in ourselves. She is enthusiastic and sees your potential and thinks outside your comfort zone, she makes your goals bigger she can deliver more than you expect for you. She is in short a magician In January I had an idea that she grabbed and 5 minutes later she conjured up a book cover on my screen out of thin air “ whilst we were on a 30 minute call “ she made my vision a reality. I am nearly ready to press push on that very same book - a short poetry collection and planner combination on amazon - & it only came into my head in January. Publishing is her area, her superpower and her business but she makes your work and your reputation her business too, she invests in you. She turns ideas & dreams into a reality with Eloise - stuff happens and above all she cuts through the crap and is someone you know has your best interests at heart. I am loving the adventure of it all and seizing the opportunities to come with Book Bubble Press. 


If you are thinking of publishing your book, look no further!

S. Westwood

 Professional Business Coach

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Eloise has gone above and beyond what I could have ever expected. Without her my book would never have been published - I am truly grateful for all her hard work and immense publishing knowledge. If you are thinking of publishing your book - look no further that BBP.


BBPress Team have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. 

D. Corrigan

Best Selling Children's Author

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I'm a new author to the industry and Eloise has been fundamental in my publishing journey. She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience, which she shares in a friendly, supportive and encouraging way. I felt 100% comfortable with Eloise from our first conversation and trust her advice and guidance. Without her and BBP, I'm not sure The North Pole Lockdown would have happened.


I have fully enjoyed the whole journey from start to finish!

S. G. Seeley

Fantasy Author

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Eloise has taken my first ever attempt at a manuscript and worked closely with me to mould and craft it into the fully finished amazing book that it has now become. I have fully enjoyed the whole journey from start to finish, learning so much along the way, Eloise has been a fantastic guide, offering support, encouragement and enthusiasm.

What Makes Us Different

We Offer Unique Publishing Solutions that we firmly believe are unique, proven and tailored to anyone who wants to write and publish a successful book. We have over 27 years of knowledge in all areas of book publishing and marketing and our bespoke advice and solution are focused entirely on ensuring that each book and author has a unique and successful blueprint for their book and vision. Book Bubble Press has you covered. We offer bespoke publishing solutions to our authors. This enables us to provide equal opportunities to both new and established authors. We specialise in non-fiction, children’s and educational.

"Hi I'm Eloise, 

Publisher, Business Strategist & Chief Book Lover 

@Book Bubble Press,

Eloise Attenborough

Publishing is My Purpose & Passion... It's My Dharma!

I've also adopted it as my Birthright too as I share my birthday with William Shakespeare & World Book Night as well as having a crazy fascination with books from a very early age.

I have worked in the Publishing Industry my whole life in many different roles and with my lifetime of passion, experience and knowledge, I want to Inspire Writers and Authors to create and share their stories, wisdom and message with the world to give readers a vast selection of books to choose from to inspire, educate, help and entertain any reader at any age. I'm here to help and inspire you all to take that leap and PUBLISH YOUR BOOK!

I take the stress and overwhelm out of your book publishing journey no matter what stage you are at. I take the mystery out of what it takes to publish and market your book and build a profitable and sustainable online business and give you the exact steps that will propel you forward at lightening speed to achieving your dream vision.

I Would Love To Hear All About Your Next book. Get in touch and Say Hi... You can reach me on FB or Insta or even better you can send me an email or book a call with me. 




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