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Easy-peasy Book Writing:

4 Ideas You Can Use to Write Your Book Today!

You know that a book is a powerful tool for any business owner. You know that it not
only helps to establish your expertise in your market, but it can also exponentially
expand your audience. Not only that, but it’s the single best way to get the attention
of mainstream press outlets, influential bloggers and podcasters, and to land paid
speaking engagements. There’s virtually no downside to writing a book. Except the
actual writing of it.

If you don’t consider yourself a writer, you may think that the benefits are out of your
reach, but even non-writers have options.

Here’s a few:

  • Repurpose Content.
    This easy and popular option makes use of the hundreds or even thousands of
    pages of content you’ve already created, so there is almost no writing involved. Do
    you have a blog? Have you published articles on your website? You may need to
    edit slightly or update ideas, but otherwise, you probably have a readymade book
    sitting right on your blog or computer or notepad somewhere. And before you start
    thinking, “Why would anyone pay for a book that’s just pulled from my blog?” know
    this: People will pay for information that is organised in a way that makes their life
    easier, even if that same information is available for free elsewhere. People need the
    information they require laid out for them to make life easier and keep all relevant
    content in one place.
  • Use Private Label Content.
    Not enough content to repurpose? No problem. There are companies that specialise
    in creating content you are allowed to license and use as your own. It’s called private
    label rights content, or PLR, and (depending on who you buy from) it’s generally high
    quality, well researched content that makes the perfect jumping off point for your
    next book. What you need to know about PLR: Because it’s sold to more than one
    person, it’s important that you edit the content to adapt it to your voice, your unique
    view of the industry, and to include your personality. You don’t want your readers
    buying the identical book from someone else that contains exactly the same content!
    That wouldn’t win you any fans! PLR books are good to give you some ideas – but
    make sure your finished book doesn’t resemble the original PLR book in any way.
  • Outsource.
    Want a book that’s all your words without having to do the work? Hire a ghostwriter.
    These professionals will work with you to create a book that is uniquely yours, and in
    the end, you’ll have a well-written book with your name on it, all without typing an
    actual word. This will come at a financial cost though. But it is well worth the
  • Speak it.

Yes, you don’t have to write a word! You can record yourself speaking into an app, like Dragon or Dictate. These clever apps convert your voice into words. The accuracy is 80-90% depending on the app. Okay, so you may have to edit it, but the majority of the hard work is done. Plus, you speak way faster than you can type, so your book will be finished in record time. Using these apps is so easy and you can also use them for blog posts, emails, articles and so much more. Give it a try!

Having a published book on your bio can work wonders for your business growth. It will bring you clients, expand your audience reach, and even attract some press. But it can’t do any of that if you don’t write the book in the first place. So, take one of these ideas and get your book written. You won’t regret it.

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