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Minimize stress 

     Stress comes from all different directions and “it will” on this journey you are on.  

 For example - Not knowing what to write, not knowing how to write and not knowing how to piece it all together. 

Stress comes from writing too much or not knowing where to stop and this is when doubt sets in and trust me many authors go through the stage of fear and doubt.  - it’s called - being an author - where do you think the term tortured artist comes from????

Stress can also come from marketing - thinking this book isn’t going to sell -  or  - who is going to buy it. 

You may have a great story, or message -  but if you don’t know how to target your readership  - ie.  - who are they - where are they and - what will they buy - then how are you going to market and sell your book.  


Stress can come from overthinking - for example - when they buy it - will they like it, - will they like me?



Maximise your readership 

 The success of a book is about readership and giving your readers what they want - EVEN IF THEY DONT KNOW THAT YET !

You will get sick of hearing me say this - but -  success and readership comes from finding your target readers, keeping them engaged and getting them wanting more.

Your first book as an author is an opportunity to engage your readership to get them hooked - and bring them into your world.  Ultimately you want them to want more - of You - and your content.

To be a successful author you have to sell books and to sell books you need readers - together - our focus will be in finding those readers, getting them aware of your existence and buying in to your content.  You want happy readers so…


Getting it done

 I can give you the structure to do it - to have Happy Readers 

  • but it won’t happen overnight -and - you will need to follow through. You may have wanted to write a book for years - but there have always been other demands on your time and there always will be - no person is the same and It may sound obvious but often the hardest piece is finding how to get it done. 

My approach to successfully publishing a book is to make the process as straight forward and efficient as possible for you - with clear steps to minimise stress and maximise your readership.  

Many factors come into play for example time, knowledge, writing expertise


Here at book bubble press we have the time, knowledge and the expertise to get your words, your wisdom and your story out there and in to the hands of your reader.

So come on - what are you waiting for -  

Let’s get that idea out of your head...

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