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Are you looking to get your book published? Whatever your genre whether it’s romance novel, a science fiction novel, a children’s book, or non-fiction book, there is a good chance that you have a number of questions you would like answered. We have covered a few of those common questions that writers wanting to get their book published often ask us. 

Question:  Is it easy to get a book published?

This all depends on the direction you want to take, anyone can self-publish their book, but if you are looking for a traditional publisher, its often trickier to land a publishing contract as many require you to have an agent. Of course, it is possible to get your book published, but you need to have a thick skin and to be prepared for rejection letters as most writers receive many rejection letters. Although, even if you do receive a rejection letter or multiple ones for that matter, it is important not to give up. Many of the most well-known and successful authors today persisted even after they many received multiple rejections. J.K Rowling is a prime example; she sent her manuscript to 12 different publishers who all rejected it. Have patience, it takes time and trial and error to find the publisher that is the perfect fit for you and your book. Hybrid publishers are another option, they blend traditional publishing methods with the creative and financial control of self-publishing. Plus, you don’t need an agent to approach independent hybrid publishers.

Question:  How much money can I make?

There are a number of varied factors that you need to take into consideration. These factors include the publisher in question, the genre of your book, and its length. Marketing and promotion are crucial elements and will impact on how much money you make. Writing and publishing your book is not usually enough to get the money rolling in. Having a launch team and building up excitement for your book launch is important, even before your book is published. Building your author platform with a blog and social media presence and connecting with potential readers all helps build your profile and followers. Publishers use their connections and platform to market your book, but you also need to maximise profits and sales by promoting your book too. Many authors make very little from their books, whereas others make a very healthy living from writing but the common theme to successful authors is having a solid marketing and promotion strategy.

Question:  Do I need to have a literary agent?

It is no secret that literally agents are recommended if you want a traditional publisher to take your book on. When researching tips on how to get a book published online, you will see a large number of individuals recommending that you use the professional assistance of a literary agent. Yes, there are many publishers who only work with authors who have agents, but many others do not have this requirement. If you cannot afford the cost of an agent, consider getting your book published on your own first, or as we have discussed above independent hybrid publishers so not require an agent. They abide by traditional publishing rules and will only take on books they deem to be worthy of their publishing name.

Question:  How do I find book publishers?

When it comes to finding book publishers, you will find that you have a number of different options. One of the easiest approaches to take is with the purchase of the Writer’s Market guide or similar guides. They detail publishers in specific genres, outline what they are looking for, what requirements each publisher have, and so forth.

In addition to purchasing the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook or the Writer’s Market book, you can also use the internet to your advantage. Some websites highlight publishers that accept manuscripts, but you will find that best success by visiting the websites of each publisher. They should outline detailed information, much like what you would find in printed guides for writers. Be aware when searching you will find vanity publishers; they are will publish any book regardless of its content or quality for a fee. Do your research first on whoever you choose before agreeing a contract.

Question: What are my chances of being published?

Similarly, to amount of money you can make from a published book, you will find that your chances of getting your book published depends on a number of factors. The more publishers you approach, the better your chances are. It is also important to note that the Writer’s Market book and the Writer’s & Artists’ Yearbooks detail for you on average how many books a publisher puts out each year. The more they publish the more likely you will be successful, but you have to have a high-quality, relevant manuscript regardless. Make sure you only send your manuscript to publishers who print your genre, don’t waste your time or their time if they don’t publish your subject. Remember traditional publishing takes time, you will need determination, persistence, a fantastic manuscript and an element of luck.

The above-mentioned questions are just a few of the many questions that many new authors have about getting a book published.  As a quick recap, be sure to do your research first, in terms of publishers, never assume that you will make a certain amount of money until an offer arrives, and do not give up even if your book is rejected by a number of publishers.

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